There is a better way to reduce pain, recover from injury, improve balance, increase flexibility, reduce stress, and sleep better.

It's called the Feldenkrais Method®

Learning to move with the least amount of effort The Feldenkrais exercises and treatments work neurologically, allowing the brain to help the body. It benefits all ages and disabilities and helps decrease back, neck, shoulder, knee and hip pain.

The Feldenkrais Method ® of Somatic Education - For all ages and disabilities. 

Although it is better to move your body than not, you need to have an increased awareness of how to move. There is a lot of value in knowing how you move your body, arrange your posture, or perform repetitive actions that contribute to your pain or injury. The key to moving better is learning to be aware of unconscious patterns of movement, and experiment with new possibilities until you find ways to move with the least effort and strain. Through repetition, your body learns these new, more efficient movements and can program the brain and nervous system to incorporate them into your everyday functioning.

Awareness Through Movement 
(group classes)

2017 Class Schedule   10:30-11:30 (subject to change)

Feb., 8, 22

First Presbyterian Church of Elmira
1054 W. Clinton St.,
Elmira, NY  14905


SAT. 10:00-11:00am

Trinity Episcopal Church
Corner Church/North Main St.,
Elmira, NY  14901



**please bring mat,towel and wear comfortable clothing




Private Sessions

Call for appointment (607-215-2857)


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